Fears and horrors in ZX Spectrum games!

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Halloween is around the corner, which means it’s time to remember a couple of bright games on this theme. Fortunately, this holiday fits very well into the platform-adventure essence of ZX Spectrum, so developers have created a decent number of them. Out of all the variety, we managed to select 13 games that are truly worthy of playing on this spooky night.

The list includes both classic and popular titles, as well as relatively new and lesser-known games (but that’s even better for us because new is always good and interesting!).

So, here are our 13 eerie (muahaha!!!) games for this Halloween:

1. Nightmare On Halloween (Radastan, 2013)

It will be a scarier Halloween night than usual for Mr. Bates. Due to his carelessness, he has lost 5 pages of the witches’ sacred book, and a curse has turned him into a living skeleton. Only by finding the 5 pages of the sacred book can he return to normal life.

2. Olli & Lissa 2: Halloween (Silverbird Software Ltd, 1987)

Halloween has arrived, and Arabella, a little fairy on a magic broomstick, embarks on an exciting adventure. Help her restore 16 items to their rightful places to bring order back to Shilmur Castle and join the procession in the village. Cast spells, fly on a broomstick, and explore thrilling dungeons.

3. Jet Set Willy: The Nightmare Edition (Manic Miner Community, 2016)

This is an expanded version of the JSW game, where players face maximum difficulty in Willy’s mansion’s rooms. The game adds additional screens inspired by the game’s associated mythology and includes unused graphics from the original JSW game engine. Technical innovations include various melodies and a horrifying font style. It’s important to note that unlike the original, time limits are a serious factor in this version.

4. Rabbit in Nightmareland (Javier Fopiani, 2015)

This well-designed game with a creepy soundtrack puts the player in the role of a trapped rabbit in Nightmareland. In this land, all events turn into nightmares that slowly but surely consume the character. To escape, the rabbit must jump from platform to platform and collect items in Wonderland to open a portal and make his getaway. But beware of nightmarish enemies, including an evil knitting woman, who will try to stop the rabbit and trap him forever!

5. Vinnie Vole’s Existential Nightmare (Soren Micros, 2010)

A game acquired from a mysterious and suspicious market vendor. After the purchase, the vendor let out a strange, suffocating laugh, after which he and his stall disappeared. The game immerses you in a dark parody of ZX Spectrum games with video performances by Stuart Ashen. Although initially created as a parody, with Stuart’s blessing, fans turned this game into a reality. Get ready to play at your own risk and peril.

6. Subterranean Nightmare (Americana Software Ltd, 1986)

After nuclear tests, Professor Fusion, investigating strange seismic activity, fell into a cave. Now he must fight mutated creatures and uncover the secrets of a massive underground complex to save the world from a missile threat.

7. Myth II: Return to Hell (Denis Kuznetsov, 2008)

In 2008, developer Denis Kuznetsov had the idea to create a sequel to the legendary game The Myth: History in the Making. And he made this small quest. He used the graphics from the original game but crafted the storyline entirely from his own imagination. It turned out to be quite challenging, but maybe that’s the point? It’s for you to judge.

8. Nanako Descends to Hell (Ubhres Productions, 2009)

Controlling Nanako, you need to collect four amulets and return to the starting point. The axe chops down trees, scissors open grates, and holy water destroys zombies. Be patient to complete this game because the enemies move very quickly.

9. Gateway to Hell (Summit Software, 1987)

An arcade game where you have to explore a forgotten castle, find the exit, overcome obstacles, and destroy the dust cloud blocking the path to salvation. Will you be able to escape, or will this place become your personal hell?

10. Go to Hell (Triple Six, 1985)

In a huge terrifying maze, find six crosses. You must collect them and defeat all the villains to save a person. Stand on bright crosses to restore your health and find a secret room to complete this challenging quest.

11. Los Amores de Brunilda (RetroWorks, 2013)

Two wandering monks, the main hero and his younger brother, were returning home to Santiago. However, as evening fell and the temperature dropped, you decided to spend the night in a village you encountered along the way. The village was inhabited by the locals, who immediately closed the doors with numerous locks as soon as they saw the two of you. And at that moment, you realize that strange events are taking place in the village, and you need to unravel them. You also need to find a place to spend the night.

12. The Addams Family (Ocean Software Ltd, 1992)

An eccentric platform game based on the popular Addams Family. Gomez sets out to rescue his imprisoned relatives. You will explore the spooky locations of the Addams Mansion, overcoming obstacles and dealing with strange monsters. Be prepared to jump and leap, using your agility to ultimately free the entire Addams family.

13. Nosferatu the Vampyre (Piranha, 1986)

You are Jonathan Harker, meeting with Count Dracula for a business deal. But you uncover the secret true nature of the count. Find the stolen documents, fight vampires, and escape the castle before dawn to save the town of Wismar.

Did you like this selection? And now, answer this question: which of these games, in your opinion, best captures the atmosphere of Halloween? What other game do we need to add to this list?

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